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Integrated cable management
Vivo is an advanced desking system with contemporary styling and sleek, clean cut lines that lends itself to clear thinking and effective decision making. Removable leg covers with integrated wire management in the leg riser combine with the dual access cable cut-outs in the top corners of the modesty panel for complete cable management.
Featuring durable 25mm melamine worktops, heavy duty silver cantilever frames with height adjustable feet and fully integrated cable management designed to improve of ce aesthetics and safety, Vivo is both practical, visually pleasing and will enhance any of ce space, as well as improving your network with ef cient data  ow and full cable protection functionality.
Wave Ergonomic
Choice of three shapes
Fabric screens
See page 156-157
Intergrated cable management with removable leg covers
Gemini chair
See page 259

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