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Details & FeaturesPedestalsPedestals offer versatile storage solutions for any of ce environment and these sturdy units are mounted on castors allowing for easy manoeuvrabilityFiling CabinetsStrong, robust and built to last,  ling cabinets offer a smooth, stylish and functional storage solution for every of ce environmentCupboa busy cCupboards & Tamboursrds are designed to meet all the clerical needs of any ompany, with tambour doors which slide and retractsmoothly to save spacePersonal StorageLockers allow for the safe storage of personal belongin optional letter boxes allowing individuals to have interdirect to their lockerFinish OptionsGrey (G) Black (K) Coffee / Cream (C) White (W) Silver (S) ange, Green made to order  nish options also available on selected productsose GreySilver Grey CoffeGeooCseream Silver Goose Silver CeyGrey Greygs, with nal mailoffee CreC133GooseBlue, OrGrey G GrSTEEL STORAGEoo a

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