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TakesDInrtaewrenrals CapacityWith ShelvesSee page 145Colours AvailableOrange (OR)AvailableGreen (GR)Coffee Cream458no shelvesetic latching and  ush-handle designtments for an advanced storage solution SEN 14074, BS4875 1998 part 7 (level 5)40GreyGooseSilver Grey CofGfeoeosCeream SilverSteel - Systems storage cupboardsSystems storage cupboards are designed to meet all the clerical needs of any busy company. Fitted with attractive, unobtrusive  ush-front doors, two door executive cupboards can be used either individually or in rows. They have a magnetic door catch, two point locking mechanism and are manufactured from high quality, heavy gauge steel, offering a range of internal  tments for  exible and secure storage to meet all of ce requirements.Bisley Executive CupboardsBEC40BEC789149144704701000-10151970-1985£411£466YEAR YEAR YEARWARRANTY WARRANTY10 6 YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTYWARRANTY£4807YEAR WARRANTYCODEWDHStockedM.T.O.1£425M.T.O.2£490£550• 470mm deep cupboards supplied with • Fully lockable double doors with magn • Can be  tted with all systems internal   • Approved to BSEN 14073 parts 2&3, B& 8, BS5459 1983 part 3144Goose Grey (G) Black (K) White (W) Silver (S) Blue (BL) Made to Order colours 1 (M.T.O.)Stocked colourBEC78GBEC40G45 KGLateral FilingVideo StorageCapacityCards45DrawerShelfCapacity35 KGSuspension Filing100% ExtensionAnti-TiltLocking80% OpeningDrawer CapacityMadeto Order colours 2 (M.T.O.)

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