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Elev82 - Touch controlAnti-collision SensorThe Elev82 Touch anti-collision sensor minimises the risk of damages to the sit-stand desk if it accidentally collides with obstacles or a person during the height adjustment operation.The Elev82 Touch sensor uses the latest advancements in sensi-touch technology to detect if the desk has collided with an object, become uneven or has shifted when raising or lowering.CODERRPSEN-D£50If a collision has been detected, the Elev82 Touch sensor immediately sends the control box a command to stop and reverse the desk height by 30mm.Easy to  t by inserting a dongle in the central control box, the anti-collision sensor takes daily working to a different level, whilst providing safe, intelligent operational ef ciencies and helping to prevent any accidents which could occur.13ELEV82 DESKS

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