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Fabric Desktop ScreensA simple, clean, fabric wrapped desk mounted screen range that offers excellent value for money. Straight and wave desk screens are ideal for creating semi-private work spacesAluminium Frame ScreensDistinctive, aesthetically pleasing desk mounted aluminium frame screens with straight fabric or glazed screen options which are ideal for any modern workplaceVibe Desk & Floor ScreensOur selection of Vibe fabric screens are a stylish way to divide desks and provide an element of seclusion and privacy, combining a slim pro le with a robust and durable constructionAcoustic Floor ScreensPiano screens provide open plan of ces and breakout spaces with acoustic absorption which are not only colourful additions to the of ce aesthetics, but also pertinent to the task at handDetails & Features  1 YEARWARRANTYWFinish OptionsLDP32 AFFIX LDP18 LOOP LDP85 SHARE LDP84 MUTUAL LDP69 SYNC LDP45 SUMMON LDP66 FELLOWSHIPLDP68 COLLABORATE LDP56 KINSHIP LDP55 SUPPORT LDP46 GATHER LDP53 PACT LDP20 LEVEL LDP35 CHEMISTRY Selection of stocked and made to order panel fabrics (see page 165 for more fabric options)2YEAR WARRANTY5AR NTY6WW4YEAR YEWARRANTYWARRA10YEAR YEWARRANTYWARRAAR NTY155Y AY AY ASCREENS

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