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Desktop glazed screens - Aluminium frameAluminium frame screens are an excellent addition for any modern desk to provide a degree of privacy for employees who are situated in close proximity to others. Frames are available in silver, white and black so you can synchronise with the desk legs and the semi-transparent glazed screens are a stylish addition which allow light to  ow through the room whilst tackling the issue of ambient noise.Straight Glazed Screens• 30mm thick with robust aluminium frames for additional stability• Available for 1000mm-1800mm desks to add dividing sections• Brackets available in silver, white and black to match frames• Screen accessory pack contains pen holder, A4 paper tray, phone holder & name holderSilver frame (S) White frame (WH) Black frame (K) • Frames available in Silver, White and BlackScreen Accessories PackFrames available in Silver, White, Black. Screens available in Blue fabric and made to order colours. Please add fabric colour when ordering eg. AG1000 with white frame in blue = AG1000-WH-B159CODEWHStockedColoured glazeAG10001000380£181£200AG12001200380£198£220AG14001400380£211£231AG16001600380£230£246AG18001800380£260£280POLAR WHITE (W)CHILI RED (R)MANDARIN ACID ELECTRIC ORANGE GREEN BLUE (O) (G) (B)StockedMade to Order coloursCODEDESCRIPTIONRRPSCRN-PACK-WHPack - White£90SCRN-PACK-SPack - Silver£90SCREENS

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