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Vibe - Desktop screensVibe is a new range of made-to-order, designer of ce screens, available in a multitude of fabric colour options.Vibe screens combine a slim pro le with a robust and durable construction to improve the layout and function of any of ce and they are ideal for use with bench desking with the modern trend of having screens shorter than the desk length. Desk mounted screens use universal desk brackets which come as standard.Desktop Screen - 400mm High• 35mm thick with an additional foam layer between outer fabric and melamine core • Made to order, designer desktop screens which are elegant, modern and stylish• Hand crafted, exposing the edge of the stitch detail on a radius corner• Universal desk brackets supplied as standardMade to Order - Bands A,B & CCODEWDHBand ABand BBand CVB80080040400£121£131£151VB1000100040400£131£141£162VB1200120040400£138£149£170VB1400140040400£150£161£181VB1600160040400£156£167£187VB1800180040400£161£172£192160Screens available in Made to Order fabrics. Please add fabric code when ordering

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