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Desktop Screens - 600mm and 800mm High• 25mm thick with an additional foam layer between outer fabric and melamine core • Made to order, designer desktop screens which are elegant, modern and stylish• Hand crafted, exposing the edge of the stitch detail on a radius corner• Elev8 desk brackets supplied as standardVibe - Desktop and Elev82 screensVibe desktop screens are also available in special sizes for our Elev8 Touch and Mono sit-stand desks. These innovative and cleverly designed screens provide the same level of privacy between back-to-back Elev8 desk when at their highest and lowest points. 600mm high screens are to be used with single Elev8 desks and 800mm high screens suitable for back-to-back Elev8 desks to minimising sound intrusion in the workplace.CODEWDHBand ABand BBand CEV1000100025600£153£164£184EV1200120025600£174£184£204EV1400140025600£194£204£225EV1600160025600£215£225£245CODEWDHBand ABand BBand CBand DBand EEVSS-1200120025600£180£190£200£220£240EVSS-1400140025600£230£240£250£280£320EVSS-1600160025600£255£275£295£330£390EVSL-1200120025800£200£210£220£240£260EVSL-1400140025800£250£260£270£300£340EVSL-1600160025800£275£295£315£350£410Made to Order - Bands A-E• Use on single Elev82 desks• Use on back-to-back Elev82 desksScreens available in Made to Order fabrics. Please add fabric code when ordering161SCREENS

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