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Floor standing screens - FabricCODEWHStockedBand ABand BBand C2088001200n/a£160£181£21421010001200n/a£160£181£21421212001200n/a£170£191£22421414001200n/a£170£191£22421616001200n/a£182£203£24521818001200n/a£193£215£255CODEWHStockedBand ABand BBand C5088001500n/a£162£183£21451010001500n/a£172£193£22451212001500£189£193£215£25551616001500£199£210£231£27651818001500£219£226£247£286CODEWHStockedBand ABand BBand C8088001800n/a£193£215£25581010001800n/a£193£215£25581212001800£219£226£247£28681414001800£219£226£247£28681616001800£230£236£258£296CODEDESCRIPTIONRRPLK421200mm 4-4 Strip£19LK451500mm 4-4 Strip£23LK481800mm 4-4 Strip£25162Free standing  oor screens are available in three different sizes and are used to break up the appearance and divide the space without losing any of the bene ts of the open plan layout. Fabric wrapped  oor screens also provide the operators with an element of seclusion and privacy and can be joined together with the linking strips for connecting 2 screens or 4 screens together.• 40mm thick with an additional foam layer between outer fabric and melamine core• Available in 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm heights• Screens can utilise the desk as support or can be used with bar feet supplied as standard• 2-2 panel linking strips used for connecting 2 screens together and 4-4 for connecting 4 screensCharcoal (C) Blue (B)Stocked and Made to Order fabric options.Please add fabric colour when ordering. eg: 208 in Blue = 208-B1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm High Solid Floor ScreenFloor Screen Linking StripsLK22Made to Order - Bands A-CCODEDESCRIPTION1200mm 2-2 StripRRP£13LK251500mm 2-2 Strip£14LK281800mm 2-2 Strip£15

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