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Vibe - F loor screensVibe  oor standing screens are available in a wide variety of made to order fabrics which are not only colourful and modern additions to the of ce aesthetics, but are also useful for absorbing sound in open plan of ce environments. Vibe  oor screens come with adjustable grey feet as standard, with stylish  at disc feet available as an optional extra in silver or white.1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm High Floor Screen• 40mm thick with an additional foam layer between outer fabric and melamine core • Available in 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm heights• Made to order, designer  oor screens which are elegant, modern and stylish• Stylish  at disc feet available as an optional extra in white or silverDesigner Screen FeetMade to Order - Bands A-CCODEWDHBand ABand BBand CVB208800401200£204£255£306VB2101000401200£215£266£317VB2121200401200£225£276£327VB2141400401200£235£286£337VB2161600401200£245£296£347CODEWDHBand ABand BBand CVB508800401500£225£276£327VB5101000401500£235£286£337VB5121200401500£245£296£347VB5141400401500£255£306£357VB5161600401500£266£317£368CODEWDHBand ABand BBand CVB808800401800£255£306£357VB8101000401800£266£317£368VB8121200401800£276£327£378VB8141400401800£286£337£388VB8161600401800£296£347£398CODEDescriptionRRPVFT1-WHWhite foot - pair£50VFT1-SLSilver foot - pair£50Screens available in Made to Order fabrics. Please add fabric code when ordering163SCREENS

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