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Piano Acoustic - F loor screensPiano Screens are a simple way of creating semi-private workspaces in open plan of ces for breakout areas, meeting spaces, or to use a stylish,  exible room divider to create zones for different activities with excellent sound absorption. The folding acoustic screens are joined together with zips which allows for an unlimited number of screen additions, with designer feet to be placed at either end of the screen run for stability.1200mm & 1500mm High Floor Screens• Made to order designer acoustic  oor screens 1200mm and 1500mm wide • Folding screens with contrasting red or black zips• Ideal for absorbing sound in open plan of ce environments• Stylish  at disc feet available in white or silverDesigner Screen FeetSonusBlazer LiteSynergy 170CODEWDHBand BBand DBand EPCH208800401200£300£350£400PCH2121200401200£350£400£450PCH508800401500£350£400£450PCH5121200401500£400£450£500Made to Order - Bands B,D & ECODEDescriptionRRPVFT1-WHWhite foot - pair£50VFT1-SLSilver foot - pair£50164Screens available in made to order specialist acoustic fabrics. Please add fabric code when ordering

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