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DENVER RECEPTIONSModular UnitsThe reception area is of critical importance for any business. It needs to be a welcoming space for allvisitors, from valued customers to prospective new starters arriving for an interview. But the reception area is also where every of ce day begins for all employees and it should inspire them to be proud about where they work and reassure people that you mean business.Denver is a  exible modular unit that can be arranged in a variety of con gurations with the desk and hutch units to create a commanding reception feature that will make a good  rst impression with clients and visitors. Available in a beech  nish, cables are managed from the hutch to the desktops with classic design pieces that will create a lasting visual message.HutchProvides privacyDerby leather chairSee page 240Desks742mm highModularBuild your own design182

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