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Elev82 - Accessories SCianbglleMDaensakgCeambelentSTprianyeUpper Cable Channel• Cable management tray to use on single straight desks• Positioned under the Elev82 desk so cables are out of the wayLower Cable Channel for Back-to-Back Desks• Shared cable tray with cover which sits central to two back-to-back Elev82 desks • Supplied with lid and cable runs between the tray for cable management• Drop down silver cable management tray with plastic end covers• Specify sizes shorter than the desk size eg. use WB1400-S with a 1600mm deskVertical Cable Chain• Fits inside the lower cable channel of back-to-back desks for cable management • Easy to  t and available in black onlyCODEWIDTHRRPWB0800-S800£62WB1000-S1000£68WB1200-S1200£74WB1400-S1400£77CODEWDHRRPEV-UCC800100100£40CODEWDHRRPEV-LCC-8548542501100£100EV-LCC-105410542501100£130EV-LCC-125412542501100£160CODEWDHRRPEV-CHAIN-K52251000£75Vertical Cable SpiralBalance Spot PadCODEWDHRRPEV-SN7070150-1300£65CODEEVBPDW650D460H25RRP£130• Simple attractive solution which extends to carry cables from  oor to desktop • For additional comfort and exercising you • Spring like expansion from 150mm-1300mm working length • Supplied with a hook to hang on the sideSilver (S) White (WH) Black (K) 18 Cable management available in Silver, White, Blackr foot and leg muscles while standing of the desktop when not in useGrey Goose Silver Coffee Cream

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