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B• Rectangular tables 1000mm with 25mm tops & impact resistant ABS edging• Radial end table 1000mm with 25mm tops & impact resistant ABS edging198Table tops available in Beech, Maple, Oak, White, Walnut Please add table top colour when ordering eg. TB18 in Beech = TB18B3000mmRectangular Boardroom Table1800mmA AA 3000mmTrumpet base - Boardroom tablesA BBBBB WWWWd 4800mm D D Economy Boardroom:ddD Dww2000mmA WWBCODETB18TB20 3000mmW D H RRPCODETB24W D H RRP2400 1000 725 £777 DAFlexitables:4000mm2000 1000 725 £598ADWbleHagan Boardroom: AAA7200mmW W4000mmW WCircular BoardroomTablesRadial Extension TaD2500mm2400mm2000mm 1800mmADDD 1800 1000 725 £568WDD• Additional modular extensions enable a variety of con gurations1200mm Dia• Curved table top with steel trumpet base weighted for stabilityAWBBD1000 1000 725 £371 1200 1200 725 £407• CircAular tables with 25mm tops & impact resistant ABS edging1145mm Diameter5600mm3800mmBBTB10C TB12CHagan Boardroom:• Radial end extension table with 25mm tops & impact resistant ABS edging• To be u30s0e0mdmtogether with the rectangular boardroom tabWle and square extenAsionsWA DB1800mmEconomy Boardroom:4800mm 2000mm3000mm2000mm 1200mm DiaAABoardroom Tables:2000mm3000mmBDCODE W D H RRPBAWWTB10 1000 1000 725 £294• Square extension table 1000mm with 25mm tops, impact resistant ABS edging• To be used together with the rectangular boardroom table and radial extensionsDBWalnut (W) B1800mm4800mmAD1800mmBeech (B)Maple (M) WOak (O)2500mm2400mm White (WH)1145mmDDBARadial End Boardroom Table2000mm 1800mmd2400mmADAWWA BDBWBWA BBDW DAWCODEdW D H RRPW2000mmCODETB10DW D H RRP1000 1000 725 £3186000mmD• Free standing table single silve38r00tmrummpet base in RAL9006 BAAAABWBDAW BAASquare Extension Table1145mm DiameterD5600mmBBBBABoardroom Tables:Econom2000mm3000mm2000mm2400mm40006000mm7200mm

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