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B• Rectangular boardroom table, 25mm tops & impact resistant ABS edging • Additional modular extensions enable a variety of con gurations• Radial boardroom table 800-1300mm, 25mm tops and impact resistant ABS edging • Curved table top available in a choice of  ve wood  nishesADB3000mm1200mm DiaB202WCODEEB241200mm DiaCODEEB10DWAB BHagan Boardroom:WWWW dDDddDDdBoardroom Tables:Economy Boardroom:Economy Boardroom:w 2000mm w W2000mm7200mm AB2000mmCODE W D DH RDRP DWEB18 EB203000mmWA DERB2424D00 800-1300 725 £598 AWBAAW DABWDD d3000mmA2400mm4000mmW6000mm W W D H RRP1800mmle2000mm 1800mm1145mm DiameterDAB W Economy Boardroom:Boardroom Tables:2000mm3000mm1800mmABDWA3000mmA A1800 1000 725 £419 2000 1000 725 £448CODE W D H RRP DW D H RRP D 2400 1000 725 £574CODERT12A• Radial end bo25a00rmdmroom table, 25mm tops and impact resistant ABS edging • Curved table top with arrow head panel legs and adjustable foWot levellers6000mmRadial Extension TableHagan Boardroom:Hagan Boardroom:5600mm B DBd B 5600mmABDBoardroomBTables: BB1000 1000 725 £239 DBWAW A 30002000mm2400mmW D H RRPD3800mm• Circular boardroom extension table, 25mm tops, impact resistant ABS edging• To be used together with the rectangular boardroom table and square extensionsEB10 1000 1000 725 £215• Square boardroom extension table 1000mm, 25mm tops,impact resistant ABS edging• To be u18s00emdm together with the rectangular boardroom table and radial extensionsBeech (B)4800mmArrow Head - Boardroom tablesDardroom TableAAAAAA BBBBBBRectangular Boardroom TablesRadialBAD WWWBWWRadial End BoardrDFlexitables: AWAAAoom TablesCircular Meeting TabABB DB4800mm7200mmB2400mmFlexitables:A BA2500mmDABBOak (O)Please add table top colour when ordering eg. EB18 in Beech = EB18BMaple (M)Table tops available in Beech, Maple, Oak, White, WalnutAA2000mm1800mm.1145mm DiaAmeter A Square Extension TableAEconom2000mm1o8003000mmWAW DA Bmm4800mm2000mm 1800mm AW4000mm WW1200 1200 725 £239• Circular mBeeting table with 25mm tops and impact resistant ABS edging 3800mm• Free standing table with cruciform legsWAB2000mm2000mm 3000mmCODE W D H RRPDWhite (WH)Walnut (W) BD

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