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MEETING ROOMModular table designsSimply designed to ensure core functionality, our range of meeting table solutions are suitable for a widerange of applications to cater for all of your of ce needs. Our versatile tables are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and  nishes to suit any of ce setting and provide a great platform for all styles of meetings, from boardroom brainstorms, to team get-togethers and breakout banter and conversations.Meeting room tables offer the ability to quickly and easily con gure a room to meet the demands of anyuser group, with a selection of leg styles and frames that can be folded quickly and easily to store away when not in use. From private workspaces to collaborative gathering points, the clean, functional lines and vast mix of con guration options offer everything needed for employees to be inspired and productive.204Taurus chair Leg framesSee page 292-293 Graphite or silver

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