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MechanismFully Gaslift adjustable arms adjustmentDimensions530 sw 490 bw710 owSOR300K2-K £541 FinishSorrento - High mesh back 24hr posture chairThe visually stunning Sorrento chair provides 4SOR300K2-B £541Weighttension Backrake control adjustmentAdjustable lumbar supportSeatdepth adjustmentBluemeshBlackmesh24 HOURSErgonomic seatingYEAR WARRANTYergonomic needs of each individual user. The 10foundation of the Sorrento chair is the heavy duty polished chrome base which adds immensestrength, with a breathable mesh seat and back provides the utmost in comfort and support.• Available with height adjustable arms and headrest• Grey frame with blue mesh and black frame with black meshcombinations• 3 adjustment levers with cable operated mechanism • Weight capacity 110kgYEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY5 8 YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY6 7 YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTYWARRANTY new levels of comfort and support that suits the YEAR410 sd600 odB K123YEAR WARRANTY630-710 ah1120-1295 oh 740 bh470-545 shMESH SEATING251

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