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Vantage mesh - 2 lever mesh back task chair12 YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY45 YEAR YEARThe Vantage Mesh operators chair has a sleek design, multiple features and allows the user to enjoy the modern design without compromising on good ergonomic support. The 2 lever Vantage Mesh has a breathable mesh back for increased ventilation, complemented by an upholstered seat for added comfort.• Mesh back task chair with matching visitors chair• Asynchro mechanism provides free  oating back action,lockable seat and back • Weight capacity 110kgMechanismHeightadjustable adjustmentarmsDimensions500 sw 390 bw600 ow FinishBlack BlueKBDimensions500 sw 500 bw630 ow FinishBlack BlueKBGas liftrakeadjustment adjustmentWARRANTYBack BackWARRANTYWARRANTYWARRANTY10 6 YEAR YEARMESH SEATING470 sh440-530 sh530 bh1020-1080 oh 550 bh925-965 ahVME10-00-BVME101C1-K £155VME101C1-BVME101C1-BCodeVME10-00 VME12-00Description RRPNo arms £216 Adjustable arms £252500 sd600 odVME12-00-KVME12-00-KVantage mesh - Visitor chair The Vantage Mesh back visitors chair offers astylish back design and comes with  xed arms and a chrome base as standard. The mesh back allows air  ow to the users back throughout long meetings throughout the working day.• Mesh back with chrome cantilever base • Fixed arms• Choice of blue or black fabric12 YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY45 YEAR YEAR500 sd600 od10 6 YEAR YEARheightWARRANTYWARRANTYWARRANTYWARRANTY261

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