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Senza - Extra high back operator chair Comfort, reliability and affordability are the keyattributes of the Senza operators chair with its curvaceous pro le and vast array of options that deliver style as well as substance. Equipped with ergonomic features, extra high back option and padded seats, this operators chair easily provides the comfort needed for a long day at work.• High back operators chair• Available with no arms,  xed loop arms, heightadjustable arms or folding arms• Asynchro mechanism provides free  oating backaction, lockable seat and back• CMHR high resilience,  exible foam seats for123 YEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY458enhanced comfort• Weight capacity 150kgCode ArmsHeight adjustable armsPivot armsA B C D EDimensions520 sw 480 bw680 ow FinishMade to order Bands A,B,C,D&EMechanism500 sd650 odYEAR WARRANTYMechanism 10 YEARYEAR YEARGas lift adjustmentFixed loop armsBack rake adjustmentWARRANTYBack height adjustmentWARRANTYIndependent seat tilt adjustmentWARRANTYWARRANTYWARRANTY6 7 YEAR YEARFABRIC SEATING470-600 sh470-600 sh600 bh590 bhSX44-00LOptionsSX40-C00 SX40-0S0 SX40-00LChrome base +£40 Seat slide +£30 Lumbar +£30123 YEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY45824 HOURSfunction for heavy duty 24 hour usage in anytask or of ce setting. With its extra high backand adjustable arms, Senza Ergo offers multiple enhanced ergonomic features based on how employees sit and move over the course of a day. Asynchro or PCB mechanism.• Asynchro mechanism provides free  oating back action, lockable seat and back• Permanent contact back (PCB) allows you to adjust the tilt of the back rest or leave it free  oating• CMHR high resilience,  exible foam seats for enhanced comfort • Weight capacity 150kg6 7 YEAR YEARErgonomic seatingGas lift adjustmentBack height adjustmentHeight adjustable armsWeight tension controlSX40-000 NoneSX43-000 FixedSX44-000 Adjustable £287 £299 £309 £338 £365SX46-000 Folding£304 £315 £326 £353 £382Senza Ergo - 24hr ergonomic operator chair The Senza Ergo seating has been designed toYEAR WARRANTY10 YEAR WARRANTYIndependent seat tilt adjustmentBack rake adjustment500 sd650 odYEAR YEARCode MechSXERGOA PCB SXERGOB AsynchroA B£331 £342 £353 £360C D E£353 £368 £410 £378 £399 £441Dimensions520 sw 450 bw670 ow FinishMade to order Bands A,B,C,D&E£243 £255 £265 £293 £321 £260 £271 £282 £309 £338WARRANTYWARRANTYWARRANTYSeat depth adjustmentLumbar supportWARRANTY275

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