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280MechanismVH22-000Back height Independent adjustment seat tiltadjustment *only on VH2VH21-000DimensionsVH20-000FinishMade to order Bands A,B,C,D&EGas lift adjustmentBack rake adjustmentFixed loop armsHeight adjustable arms470 sw 420 tt670 ow450 sd600 odVH12-000VH11-000A B C D E£139 £150 £160 £188 £216 £155 £166 £177 £205 £233 £177 £188 £199 £227 £255VH12-000Code ArmsVH20-000 NoneVH21-000 FixedVH22-000 Adjustable £188 £199 £209 £238 £265CodeArmsA B C D EVantage Plus - High back operator chair123 YEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY458VH10-000 None VH11-000 Fixed VH12-000 Adjustable£150 £161 £172 £199 £227 £166 £177 £187 £216 £243Vantage Plus is a traditional operators chair o ering style, comfort and functionalityfor all o ces. Vantage Plus o ers a wide selection of optional arms, many of which are adjustable in height, width or angle in addition to a choice of medium and high backs, making this comfortable operators chair adaptable to virtually any user.• Asynchro mechanism provides free  oating backYEAR YEAR YEAR action, lockable seatWaARnRAdNTbY ack (VHW2AR)RANTY WARRANTY• Permanent contact back (PCB) allows you to adjust the tilt of the back rest or leave it free  oating (VH1)• Available with no arms,  xed arms or heightadjustable arms YEAR WARRANTYYEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY• Weight capacity 150kg10 6 7OptionsVH10-C00 VH10-0S0 VH10-00LChrome base +£40 Seat slide +£30 Lumbar +£30440-560 sh530 bh

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