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Dimensions500 sw 500 bw470 sdTAM50004FinishCharcoal fabric580 ow540 odCBTAM50001-BTAM50001-CRRP Code£221 TAM50001 £232 TAM50004TAM50001-CA B£243 £255 £249 £260Tamar - Wooden conference chair123 YEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY458 YEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY10 6 7Elegant yet simple in its design, Tamar uses a laminated beech veneer frame to create the perfect traditional conference, meeting or waiting chair. The wide seats, optional armrests, generous paddingand full back provide extra comfort to clients and employees in addition to complementing the existing colour scheme.• Available with arms or without armsCodeTAM50001 TAM50004DescriptionNone Double armsArmsNone DoubleC D E£265 £277 £299 £271 £282 £304Blue fabricMade to order Bands A,B,C,D&ETAM50004StackableTAM50004• Fully upholstered seat and back with a multitude of fabric and colour options available• Stackable for space-ef cient storage • Weight capacity 115kgWARRANTYYEAR YEAR YEARWARRANTY WARRANTY460 sh480 bhCONFERENCE & MEETING289

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