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296CAV100C1 £156BRU100C1 £382.00 (Box of 2)Cavalier - Leather faced visitor chair The Cavalier visitors chair will make a stunningaddition to any conference room or waiting area. The soft, supple leather faced chair is carefully stitched and tufted for plush comfort, which is enhanced by the black cantilever frame.• Black leather faced with black cantilever frame • Anti-tilt feet• Weight capacity 115kgBruges - Faux leather visitor chairThe cool, contemporary Bruges meeting chairs aredurably constructed for long-term enjoyment and comfort. They have plush faux leather faced half backs and seats which are held  rmly in place by a chrome cantilever support system and upholstered armrests for added comfort, so visitors and employees can relax in style.Dimensions520 sw 495 bw630 ow FinishBlack leather faced460 sd610 od12 YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY45 YEAR YEAR• Ideal for boardrooms and meeting rooms • Padded arms for enhanced comfort• Anti-tilt feet for extra stability• Weight capacity 115kg• Priced for box of 2Dimensions485 sw 480 bw570 ow FinishBlack faux leather4 5 YEAR YEARSOLD IN MULTIPLES2345 sd580 od10 6 YEAR YEARWARRANTYWARRANTY10 6 YEAR YEAR445 sh470 sh195 bh 605 bhWARRANTYWARRANTY12 YEAR YEARWARRANTYWARRANTYWARRANTYWARRANTYWARRANTYWARRANTY

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