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Vantage mesh - Visitor chair The Vantage Mesh back visitors chair offers astylish back design and comes with  xed arms and a chrome base as standard. The mesh back allows air  ow to the users back throughout long meetings throughout the working day.• Mesh back with chrome cantilever base • Fixed arms• Choice of blue or black fabricDimensions500 sw500 sd12 YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANT45 YEAR YEARWARRANTYWARRANT500 bw10 6 YEAR YEARWARRANTYWARRANT630 ow     600 od FinishVME101C1-K £155VME101C1-BVME101C1-BVantage Plus - Made to order vsitor chair The Vantage Plus visitors chair provides theperfect seating for visitors to the of ce. Ideal for use in meeting rooms and boardrooms, it has a black cantilever frame and is designed to keep the user comfortable for long periods of time.• Black cantilever frame with no arms or  xed loop arms • CMHR high resilience,  exible foam seats for comfort • Weight capacity 110kg123 YEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTYBlackBlueKBDimensions470 sw450 sd458 YEAR YEAR YEARWARRANTY420 bwR TYWARRANTY07YEAR WARRANTYWARRANTY61YEA WARRANEAR WARRANTYY670 ow Finish650 odCode ArmsVC00-000 None VC01-000 FixedA B C D E£177 £188 £199 £227 £255 £194 £205 £216 £243 £271298VC00-000VC00-000VC01-000Made to order Bands A,B,C,D&EYYY480 sh470 sh400 bh 530 bh

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