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Educational & industrial chairsPrema 200 page 305Prema 300 page 305Ergos 6 page 306Ergos 7 page 306Vantage+ page 307Vantage tamper proof page 307The education sector needs to cater for more pupils and students in a varied array of education environments that support different approaches to learning. As a result, the need for quality seating solutions tailored to meet the needs of education environments is growing, which is why we have a range of chairs speci cally designed for schools and colleges.The one piece Ergos chair design ensures strength and stability for the education environment as well as being certi ed to the latest UK standards. Prema is a draughtsmans chair with a seat and back manufactured from polyurethane making it cleanable and easy to maintain, and the Vantage chair is available with tamper proof  xings for durability in the most vigorous of classrooms.303EDUCATIONAL & INDUSTRIAL

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