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123Encore - High back private seatingYEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY458 YEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY10 6 7 YEAR YEAR YEAREncore is a distinctively elegant high back soft seating solution that is high in quality and unique in design. The clean, modern lines of the seating and wooden frame give Encore a contemporary look that will suit many open plan of ces, creating a fun yet practical work space which will inspire employees and collaborations to a new level of function and sophistication.• Deep-foamed seat construction with two-tone fabric options• Choice of chrome  nish or solid wood leg frame on seating and matching coffee table • Large side screens which offer effective noise reduction & privacy• Available with integrated power supply built in to the frameModular reception seating - metal legs DimensionsOverall Overall Overall SeatCode Description A B C D E Code depth width height height depth widthFinishMade to order Bands A,B,C,D&EWARRANTY WARRANTYWARRANTYSeat Seat328ENC02 Two seater £1200 £1400 £1600 £1800 £2000ENC03 Three seater £1400 £1600 £1800 £2000 £2200Priced with metal legs. For wooden legs suf x (WF) and add £100 per unitENC02 730 ENC03 7301390 1270 450 1990 1270 450490 1200 490 1800

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