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123 YYYTV bracket for Encore PodEncore Pod - Meeting pod seatingYEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANT48 YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANT10 6 75YEAR WARRANTY• For TVs up to 28"• Ensure you also order data module, leads and socketsTV-BRACKET £50Table tops• For White table tops add -1, for Summer Oak add -2, for Biella Walnut add -3 eg. 4 seater meeting pod with wooden feet and White table = EC04-WF-1YEAR WARRANTYYEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTENC04 - TABLE 1200w x 600-400dENC05 - TABLE 1200w x 900-700dENC06 - TABLE 1600w x 600-400dENC07 - TABLE 1600w x 900-700dSummer Oak Biella Walnut (6688) (6690)White (8100)349MEETING PODS

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