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123Piano Acoustic - Ceiling grid tilesYEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY48 YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY10 6 7 YEAR YEAR YEAR5YEAR WARRANTYCeiling tiles with balanced acoustics provide the necessary combination of sound absorption and attenuation to control noise in interior environments, offering complete noise control and design  exibility for every space. Good acoustics are also an essential element of productivity and creativity in workplaces and Piano ceiling grid tiles are designed to  t directly into 595mm x 595mm standard ceiling grid systems to dissipate sound• A colourful and modern alternative to traditional ceiling tiles• Lightweight and easy to  t to existing ceiling grids• Hang above the noisiest areas of the of ce to help absorb sound • Felt fabric Crib 5  re ratingWARRANTY WARRANTYWARRANTYCeiling tiles (Pack of 10)Code Description RRP T1 Grid tiles 595 x 595 £1,000FinishesCharcoal (CH) White (WH)Black (BK)Blue (BL)Red (RE)Pink (PK)Orange (OR)356

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