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123Piano Acoustic - Suspended ceiling panelsYEAR YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY48 YEAR YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY10 6 7 YEAR YEAR YEARPiano Scales are a range of suspended acoustic panels of various sizes and shapes that can be used in various combinations to improve the quality of the acoustic environment. Ideal for meeting rooms and dining areas or suspended above work clusters. Piano Scales are a modern and interesting addition to any space, designed with functionality in mind to reduce reverberated noise and minimise factors that disturb meetings and get-togethers.• Lightweight and easy to  t to ceilings• Available in a wide range of colour options• Safe, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products• Ideal for absorbing sound in meeting rooms and of cesWARRANTY WARRANTYWARRANTYEN13501-1:2007+A1:2009Acoustic latticeCode Description PS12 Lattice shapeDimensionsFinishesWhite (WH)Dark blue (DB) Yellow (YE) Green (GR) Orange (OR)RRP Code£3500 PS12Overall Overall Overall depth width height2380 1180 290Grey (GR)Cream (CR)Light green (LG) Light blue (LB)5YEAR WARRANTY357PIANO ACOUSTIC

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