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Maestro 25 “H” Frame - Graphite LegStraight Desks 800mm Straight Desks with Side Modesty PanelsWWWWWWWW dDDddDDddDDddDDdwwwwWWWWWWWWW DDDDCODEWDHRRPDM8G800800D725£184M10G1000800725£187M12G1200800725£195M14G1400800725£207M16G1600800725£215M18G1800800725£277CODEWDHRRPDMH12G1200D800D725£279MH14G1400800725£293MH16G1600800725£299MH18G1800800725£363WW• Rectangular desks 600mm deep with graphite H frame leg set • Rectangular desks 800mm deep with graphite H frame leg setAAAWA• M8G & M10G only have one cable access port • Side modesty panels and two cable access ports in desktopsDBBDBDBAA86Beech (B) Oak (O) GraphiteDesktops available in Beech, Oak. Graphite frame.Please add desktop  nish when ordering eg. M16G with Graphite frame in Beech = M16GB

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