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Triple Back To Back DesksFuze - Bench desk system CODEStarter Units Back To BackAdd-on Units Back To BackDDW D H RRPWhite (WH)White / Oak Edge (WO)White frame with Oak legsDesktops available in White, White with Oak trim. White frame with Oak legs.Please add frame  nish followed by desktop colour when ordering eg. FZ3616 in White frame with White top Oak edge = FZ3616-WH-WO37FZ3616 FZ4216 FZ4816W D H RRP3600 1600 725 £15754200 1600 725 W £17254800 1600 725 £1800 DW• Six straight 800mm desks in a triple back-to-back bench deskcon guration• Solid oak legs are shared between desk clusters with twoDrecessed centre leg supports to save space and costsWDWW DDCODE W D H RRPFZ1216-SB 1200 FZ1416-SB 1400 FZ1616-SB 16001600 725 £725 1600 725 £775 1600 725 £800desk add-on unitsWW DDWW DDCODEFZ1216-AB 1200 1600 725 £425 FZ1416-AB 1400 1600 725 £475 FZ1616-AB 1600 1600 725 £500• Two straight 800mm desk add-on units back-to-back with scalloped cutouts and a recessed centre leg• Recessed solid oak leg is positioned in the centre of thedesks and can be extended with further add-on unitsDD• Two straight 800mm desk starter units back-to-back with scalloped cutouts in the desktops• Extend into a modular bench desk system with back-to-backDDDDWWWWWWWWWW DDDDWWWW DDDD WWDDDDWWWWWWWW DDDDWWFUZE DESKSDD

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