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Fuze - Cable management Central Drop Down Cable Tray & Bracket• Shared cable tray which sits central to two back-to-back desks• Cables can run between two trays for effective cable management & drops downMass Vertical Cable Riser• Fits between recessed centre leg supports to allow cables to rise from the  oor • Front panel can be removed quickly and easily to gain access to wiresSingle Desk Cable Tray• Cable management tray to use on single straight desks• Positioned under the desk so cables are out of the way but easily accessibleWhite (WH)Products available in White. Please add metal  nish when ordering eg. ED12DCT in White = ED12DCT-WH 39CODESIZERRPED12DCT1200mm£102ED14DCT1400mm£107ED16DCT1600mm£113FZCR188-57080520• Shown with coverCODEWDHRRP£90CODESIZERRPED12SCT1200mm£55ED14SCT1400mm£65ED16SCT1600mm£96FUZE DESKS

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