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Fuze - Bench desk system - ScreensStraight Fabric ScreensStraight Glazed ScreensCODEWHStockedBand ABand BBand CA12001200380£154£163£195£225A14001400380£166£173£210£241A16001600380£189£197£231£262CODEWHStockedColoured glazeAG12001200380£198£220AG14001400380£211£231AG16001600380£230£246• White, Silver, Black framesBlue (B)• White, Silver, Black framesSee page 165Polar white (WH)FOR GLAZED SCREENSRed (R) Orange (O)Green (G) Blue (B)StockedMade to Order bands A-CStockedMade to OrderScreen Brackets - SINGLE OR RUNS OF SINGLE DESKS CDFOR FABRIC SCREENSCODEDESCRIPTIONRRPAFSBKFor fabric screen - Pair£35CODEDESCRIPTIONRRPAGSBKFor glazed screen - Pair£46CC DD Stcarertenr UBnraitcskBeatsck- BToACBKacTkO BACK DESKSAB • Brackets sold individually• Brackets sold individuallyCODEDESCRIPTIONRRPEDELSBEnd bracket£25CODEDESCRIPTIONRRPEDILSBIntermediate bracket£31AA2 x EDELSBABBA2 x EDELSB & 2 x EDILSBBlack (K)Frames available in Black, Silver, White. Please add metal  nish when ordering eg. A1200 with Silver frame and Blue fabric = A1200-S-BSilver (S)White (WH)40

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