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Straight Single DesksDouble Back To Back DesksDConnex - DesksBack To Back DesksDWDDWWWWWCODEWDHRRPCO1281200800725£289CO1481400800725£305CO1681600800725£326CODEWDHRRPCO121612001600725£509CO141614001600725£541CO161616001600725£578DWDD•Twostraight800mmdesksback-to-back,bothwithtwocableaccessports W• Extended rectangular steel framework in silver or white for enhanced strength & stabilityW DDD•Singlestraightdesks800mmdeepwithtwocableDaccessports• Rectangular steel framework in silver or white with excellent strength & stabilityDWWWCODEWDHRRPCO241624001600725£845CO281628001600725£914CO321632001600725£982DDWDD DD • Legs are shared between desk clusters with a recessed centre leg support to save space and costsWWWW• Four straight 800mm desks in a double back-to-back bench desk con gurationWWWTriple Back To Back DesksDWWCODEWDHRRPCO361636001600725£1213CO421642001600725£1271CO481648001600725£1386DWDDDWD• Six straight 800mm desks in a triple back-to-back bench desk con guration• Legs are shared between desk clusters with two recessed centre leg supports to save space and costsBeech (B) Maple (M) Oak (O) White (WH) Walnut (W) White (WH)Desktops available in Beech, Maple, Oak, White, Walnut. Frame available in White, SilverPlease add frame  nish followed by desktop colour when ordering eg. CO128 with Silver frame in Beech = CO128-WH-BSilver (S)46

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