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Connex - Starter & Add-on Desks Starter Units Single Add-on Units SingleWW WW DD DDWW WW • Single straight desk starter unit 800mm deep wDith two cable acDcess ports • Single straight desk add-on unit 800mm deep, sDupplied with a reDcessed centre legCODEWDHRRPCO128-SB1200800725£289CO148-SB1400800725£305CO168-SB1600800725£326CODEWDHRRPCO128-AB1200800725£205CO148-AB1400800725£221CO168-AB1600800725£263• Extend into a modular bench desk system with single desk add-on units• Recessed leg is positioned in the centre of the bench desksStarter Units Back To BackWW WW DD DDWW DWW WWW WWCODEWDHRRPCO1216-SB12001600725£5D09CO1416-SB14001600725£541COW1616-SB160W01600725£578• Two straight 800mm desk starter units back-to-back, both with two cable access ports • Extend into a modular bench desk systDem with back-to-Dback desk add-on unitsDDDD DDDD WWWW WW DDDD DD WWWAdd-on Units Back To BackWWDDDDWW DDWW• Two straight 800mm desk add-on units back-to-back, supplied with a recessed centre legWWDDWWWDDDDCODEWDHDRRPDCO1216-AB12001600725£336CO1416-AB14001600725£373CO1616-AB16001600725£404DD• Recessed leg is positioned in the centre of the bench desks and can be extended with further add-WWBeech (B)Maple (M)Oak (O)White (WH)DWalnut (W) White (WH) Silver (S)DDesktops available in Beech, Maple, Oak, White, Walnut. Frame available in White, SilverPlease add frame  nish followed by desktop colour when ordering eg. CO128-SB with Silver frame in Beech = CO128-SB-WH-B47WoCONNEX DESKS

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